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I was wondering if the 60+ year-old USGI carbine magazines are really superior to the the ones being made today. Easier to buy the wood stock version. S. 41 Add to cart Welcome to EC Depot. , as well as m1 carbines and other WWII rifles. Original USGI Mags are in very good condition. M1 Carbine . com. M1 Carbine Magazine Types, Function, & Maintenance. One example in the sub-5xxx SN range had an IBM barrel with flaming bomb emblem. Over the years many M1 Carbine enthusiasts and collectors have had a poor opinion of the carbines produced by Universal Firearms. Found with 5 others(see my other auctions) in a WWII Vet Estate sale. This is a discussion on 10 round M1 carbine magazines within the Steel and Wood forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; Is there any such thing as a USGI 10 round magazine for the carbine? On ebay there are all kinds of 10 rounders and no Related products. WW II M1 Carbine with a magazine pouch mounted on the stock that held two spare 15-round magazines Some companies used a combination of original USGI and new commercial parts, while others manufactured entire  Buy an M1 Carbine magazine and get a free USGI dust cover with each magazine! Old 10-26-2004, 07:20 AM. Rifles US M1 Carbine f M1 Carbine New Old Stock M1/M2 Carbine 30 rd magazines. This weight is the same weight used by the carriers for charges, and is based on the greater of actual or dimensional weight, calculated as (rounded cubic inches)/(carrier dimensional weight divisor). The M1 Garand rifle was limited by its eight . M1 Carbine 15 Round Magazines coded "IS", Standard Products manufacture. $59. Buy a Military Misc. blued-steel magazine marked AYP. 6 inches long. Results 1 - 52 of 52 Grenade Launcher, M8, USGI, Excellent, M1 Carbine . American enginuity saved the day but this product is a pain in the ass if you're buying it for an M1 Carbine. M1 Carbine Mag available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection. These are straight from the protective  The M1 carbine is a lightweight, easy to use, . If the FFL is not on file it will often take additional time to ship. Carbine Mag, Black available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection The total weight of the product and its packaging, as calculated by the shipping carrier. A lot of AYP magazines suffered some storage corrosion and are sold as "new" after being reblued. Or have it sent as a "parts kit" Taken apart and you can't legally assemble it in the state of California. Originally I had lots of feed issues with the magazines I had (1 A-O 15 rd, 1 Promag 15 rd, and 1 KeepShooting. , m1 carbine 30rd magazine, blued steel, new. Quantity: M1 Carbine USGI Sling & Repro Oiler Set. This magazine effectively doubled the capacity of the M1 Carbine and was designed in a manner that made it easy to manufacture. On USGI magazines, the maker doesn't really matter. In M1 Carbine Part 4, we disassmbled the bolt without using the M1 Carbine Bolt Tool (don’t try this at home kiddies). 30 M1/M2 carbine original USGI magazines made by Seymour Products Co. Our 26th year serving U. We have more magazines listed on page 6. They were designed to be a smaller, easier to use rifle for guys like tankers, artillery, supply and all the guys who were in jobs where the M1 Garand was to big and got in the way of their primary job. Rifles US M1 Carbine for sale and auction. The one pictured is representative of the one you will receive as I have multiples available. We stock what we can find at reasonable prices, if you are looking for a particular piece, drawing number, manufacturer, etc send us an email with the details and we will see what we can locate. The transition in production between first generation and second generation is somewhere between 93xxx and 104xxx. magazine. No sales  Amazon. *Note: Learned these are in fact Italian Mags from the 1950's, and not USGI. SET 10 US GI MAGAZINE RUBBER DUST COVER FOR M1 CARBINE Set of 10 US GI rubber dust covers for the M1 carbine magazine. USGI, Used, Good Condition. (Firearms ship to FFL only. Since the acquisition of the CMP of some M1 Carbines with no magazines there seems to be renewed interest in magazines for them. Selling 2 pouches with 2 10 round mags in each EMAIL PHONE # FOR A RESPONSE DON'T ASK IF THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE $35 for 2 mags and pouch buy all 4 mags for $60 Mag codes are 10 round M1 carbine magazines. NOS Best selling item with many repete buyers and very limited supply get them while you can. Will fit the 15 or the 30 round magazines as well as the 5 and 10 round after market. M1 carbine 15rd Magazine original US GI Used 12. Expect some dirt and light surface oxidation. Free Shipping on this item Rifle Service Pak - Contains 1 each ejector spring, extractor spring, hammer spring, extra power recoil spring, safety plunger spring, sear spring, magazine catch spring and slide stop spring. Rifle Cal. Original G. M1 Carbine 30 Round Steel Mag, Used. Sell your Military Misc. Blued and in excellent condition, however they are not in the original packaging. Call 972-986-8158 to order the carbine magazine you need. 58 Add to cart; M1 Carbine-Magazine Catch -Spring & Plunger Assy-USGI $ 4. 30 Carbine $29 US Government Issue USGI M1 CARBINE 22 COIL HAMMER The M1 Carbine was designed primarily to offer noncombat and line-of-communications troops a better defensive weapon than a pistol or submachine gun, with greater accuracy and range, but without the recoil, cost, or weight of a full-power infantry rifle. The only ones I have ever seen, which hasn't been very many, were all marked SEY. It is not paint, but actually a dry-film lubricant and is the same coating that the magazines would have had coming out of the factory as WWII USGI M1 Carbine Magazines in Original Wrappers: EX-NOS, have about 20 in stock, wax paper/cosmoline original WW2 wrapped, the ones we've opened have been EX-NEW 15 - Rd. KCI Korean magazines deliver practical reliability and impressive quality for a variety of popular weapons—all at a price that’s hard to beat. The M1 Carbine 30-Round Magazine is designed after the USGI magazine that was utilized by both the M1 and M2 Carbines. You are bidding on five Beautiful M1 carbine magazines They are marked Ia I. Click on the name or picture of an item for a larger picture and or more information. 30RD M1 CARBINE MAGAZINE SEY TYPE IV 5 pack. That's what I needed to know. Rifles US M1 Carbine online. Five USED . Magazine, Carbine, 15 Round, USGI New, Refinished (Some Pitting), M1 Carbine. Magazine, . My question is what was the original finish on USGI M1 Carbines? And what was the wood used in stocks? Carbine Parts and accessories High Capacity M1 Carbine Mags High Capacity M1 Carbine Magazines Carbine Magaizines USGI Carbine Magazines USGI High Capacity Magazines Carbine Triggers USGI Carbine Parts 30 Round Carbine Magazines 30 Round Magazines 15 round Carbine Magazines 15 Rnd Carbine Magazines "> M1 Carbine Magazines (15 rnd) My name is Robert Lukes, this page is intended to share information among Collectors of 15 rnd M1 Carbine Magazines. , m1 carbine 15rd surplus magazine, usgi collectible mfg, vg, used. Magazine not included. M1 Carbine 15rd Magazines - USGI M1 Carbine 15rd Magazines. 33 Add to cart; M1 Carbine-Recoil Plate- USGI $ 21. In M1 Carbine Part 5, we removed the components from the stock and receiver that were necessary to remove for inspection and The first generation Universal M1 Carbine mainly used USGI parts, including a USGI bolt locking mechanism. MILITARY. "AYP" Marked Magazine. For anyone who's used commercial 30rd mags, you'll know how unreliable they are. M1 . I. Yes, some magazines were made under contract for certain prime contractors, but in the end they all got shuffled around. G. Find m1 carbine clips and magazines. Disregard when I say USGI. com : M1 Carbine Parts & Accessories - Mosin Nagant Parts & Accessories SKS Rifle Parts & Accessories Ammunition Stripper and Loading Clips Booklets and Manuals TAPCO Parts & Accessories Surplus Firearms Virtual Museum Shooting Supplies & Safety Scopes Mounts & Optics DOLLAR BIN Ordnance, Grenades & Rockets Pistol Parts & Accessories Rifle Parts & Accessories Misc. 30 Cal. Neat little video about original mags and what they look like unwrapped. 99 $ 59. They started out with 15 round magazines and got 30’s around Korean War time. 00 Shop for replacement M2 Carbine magazines with Numrich Gun Parts. Join Date: Jun 2004. (SEY). Will this rifle fit into a GI walnut carbine stock? Lawrence from USA: Stock inletting is slightly different on a real USGI carbine, just look at the trigger group on each carbine. Stock may have minor arsenal repairs. That got me to wondering what companies made USGI 30 round mags? I did a search and couldn't find a website for this information. 00. 30 Carbine rifles. M1 Carbine Magazine, Magazines & Clips, Pw Arms, 15 Round M1 Carbine Magazine Mag B40 Clip Military Spec Steel Follower Removable Base Plate at Sportsman's Guide M-1 Carbine Mags - M-1 Carbine Accessories - M-1 Carbine Scope Mount - M1 carbine M1 Carbine AIM M1 Carbine magazines M1 Carbine magazines M1 Carbine Magazine The only reason I gave it three stars was because rather than throw it away, I mounted the sling on my M4 Carbine instead and it looks nice. Inland has partnered with Skinner Sights to develop what could be the best sight solution ever produced for the M1 Carbine! The Inland-Skinner M1 Sight is a very attractive usable solution for anyone that wants to have a functional M1 Carbine* , and want to shoot it! *Fits USGI and most Commercial M1 Carbines, some fitting may be required. Military surplus M1 . Within M1 Carbine Magazines you can currently find some of the following products: m1 carbine 15rd surplus magazine, original usgi, new in wrap, possible corrosion. Sportsman's Guide has your ProMag M1 . 41 Add to cart M1 Carbine-Sling “Lift the Dot”-OD Grn-Unissued-1960s Era M1 Carbine Magazines. Second Generation: USGI Carbine 30car, 110 total metal jacket - Box of 10SC I'm selling several of my M1 Carbine 30rd magazines. This is a 30-round magazine for M1 . The second feature of the carbine that was well received was its easy to load, detachable fifteen-round magazine. 99. 00ea 30-round G. To my knowledge, not a single carbine manufacture actually produced magazines in house. US military guns include M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, 1903-A3 and 1911s. We have more mags listed on page 6 of our parts pages. 50. World War Supply US WW2 M1 Carbine OD Fleece Lined Carry Case, Sling with oiler and Buttstock Pouch Dark OD Marked JT&L 1944. 2 lbs and are 35. M1 carbine 15rd magazines that are USGI spec are on sale right now! We guarantee all m1 carbine mags will work or your money back! Order your M1 Carbine 15rd magazines from us, we've been a trusted Internet supplier since 2002. M1 CARBINE 30 rd magazine new in wrap. If you want to use 30 or 40 round magazines, even the USGI 30 round magazines, you should invest in one of the later "Type IV" M2 Carbine magazine catches. M1 Carbine-Magazine Spring-30rd-USGI-New $ 7. 30 Carbine . Shop with confidence. Buymilsurp. They weigh 5. One member on a different forum asked me if they were 15 or 30 round mags. Numrich is the largest supplier of current and obsolete parts, including M2 Carbine magazines. 4. M1 Carbine 30 Round . M1 carbine USGI stocks cost $100 +. Browse our selection of M2 Carbine magazines for sale and place your order today! Nationally recognized M1 Garand rifle specialists, Purveyors of quality M1 rifles, parts, tools and accessories. These are prized for their reliability and collectability. The result was firearm history with Inland Manufacturing becoming one of the largest gun manufacturers in the US, producing nearly 3 million firearms in less than 5 years. Your Source for Service Rifles: M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, M14 / M1A & AR Types M1 Carbine Gun Parts & Accessories. The M1 Carbine design was also made by a huge number of arms companies for sale to the civilian marksman. M1 Carbine Magazines M1 Carbine Magazines. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. Magazines M1 Carbine M1 Carbine Home Parts & Accessories For your consideration are 15 round USGI M1 Carbine magazines. You can have someone modify a 15 round mag to only hold 10 rounds and own it in California. Like the one pictured, all are NOS, new old stock. Price: $54. I now have several milsurp rifles including a newly acquired pair of USGI M1 carbines that I would like to shoot. Accessories PPSH USGI model is stained to replicate the dark red-brown of the original USGI tung oil finish before application of a protective polyurethane sealer. My best prize was a field-find USGI M1 carbine of Rock-ola manufacture and some rusted allied bayonets. I have steel after-market and USGI m1 30 carbine clips in several capacities. It would take some work to refit the BB version. M1 Carbine, but the internal design and parts were a hybrid replica of the M1 Carbine. Of the three, the one from Keep Shooting was the worst. 30 Caliber M1 carbine and the folding stock variant, the M1A1 Paratrooper model. , m1 carbine 15rd kci magazine, blued steel, new. Gift Certificates Available However, the Korean (KCI) M1 Carbine magazines are really good. Page 1 of 2 - Magazine belt for an M1 Carbine? - posted in CRAIG PICKRALL FIELD & PERSONAL GEAR SECTION: Was there a belt used to hold magazines for the M1 Carbine, like there was for the Garand, 03 and 1917? Kahr Arms M1 Carbine magazines are available in 10 & 15-Round. 95. $125. Sportsman's Guide has your Red White & Blue M1, . Find the lowest price on all type of M1 Carbine on our website and satisfy all your M1 Carbine needs. By the way, my father is 94 years old and he carried a a low-digit Inland M1 Carbine as a Marine on Guadacanal, Vela Lavela, Peliliu, and Okinawa. WWII Era USGI M1 Carbine M8 Cleaning Rod & Tip Set NEW Unissued OLD STOCK M1 Carbine M8 Cleaning Rod and tip These are from the original box . Price: $26. com M1 CARBINE 30 ROUND MAGAZINES Identifying The USGI From The Others September Update 2007 (This September 2007 update adds information about the (K)ay, “KY”, Jay Scott, and “Church” split back magazines. 30 cal. 62x33 mm) semi- automatic carbine . Maybe next time I have an extra 10-round "banana clip" for sale, I'll make an extra C-note + over what I have fairly sold them for here and try to give the great unwashed an easy lesson on telling real USGI from the I recently sold a bunch of 15 round M1 carbine mags. Over the past year I have acquired a few 30 round magazines stamped SEY. Please look here for shotguns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, and muzzleloaders. Yet some of those are not very well made. M1 Carbines are semi-automatic, short rifles first introduced in the late 1930s. They worked flawlessly, but were covered in rust. (5) LOT M1 CARBINE MAGAZINE INLAND WWII 10 round USGI - $112. These magazines are heavy, solid feeling, and work like USGI. 30 Caliber Carbine Magazine (30)Rd Blue Steel Magazine - W / BHO Follower - New -Made In Korea FFL must be registered and on file. * * OUT Guns for sale at BudsGunShop. Unissued, however it includes minor storage wear and surface rust. The carbine was also easier for less Take a look at our wide range of M1 and M2 carbine parts to find the best one for your firearm. (5) LOT M1 CARBINE MAGAZINE INLAND WWII 10 round USGI. 6 out of 5 stars 10. They all subcontracted the manufacture of their magazines. This is a 15-round magazine for M1 . We are committed to bringing you carbine with uncompromising quality at lowest price. M1 Carbine 15rd Magazine original US GI New in wrap 15. M1 carbines manufactured during WWII. I IA AI AI They are all inland They could use a good cleaning All function the way they should Look at pictures for more details on condition What you see is what you get 283512581787 I have a Reimported from Korea Winchester Built USGI M1 Carbine and it Shoots Very well thank you. M1 Carbine 30-Round Magazine M1 Carbine Magazine Pouch Set. By laying down a hail of bullets from M1 Carbines, the enemy's heads would be kept down long enough. They looked and felt just like the USGI and AYP magazines but they didn't last very long. In my experience, even USGI 30s are about a 50/50. They initally used USGI magazines, but started making their own magazines in the 1970s to replace worn out USGI magazines. I have been looking at all kinds of questions about M1 Carbines and I see a lot that have shiney finishes. He keeps telling me to stay on a lookout for the WWII M1 carbine that he carried in the Pacific theater from 1942 through 1945: Inland, serial # 238548. Hey guys, I have a new model Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine. Just find a couple of nice condition USGI 15rd magazines and leave it at that. 30 USGI mags are only 15 or 30 rounds like you said. The Germans in WW2 loved their captured M1 Carbines for "crossing streets". 30 Carbine Inland M1 Carbine NOS Extractor - USGI - . sling, and two 15rd magazines. J or J marked (No choice of markings). The M1 carbine is a lightweight, easy to use, . Remember, the Koreans have been using the M1 & M2 Carbines since the 1950s and are still being used by some reserve military and police units. I elected to use the mil-spec coating known as Perma Slik G. Garand Parts (By Grouping) Sight Parts Front, Rear & National Match M1 Garand M1A M14 Up for sale is one original USGI M1 Carbine Magazine Belt Pouch manufactured by Redwine & Strain and is dated 1945. USGI M1 Carbine Magazines  With renewed interest in the USGI Caliber 30 M1 Carbine taking place in 2007, available sources concerning 30 round M1 Carbine magazines, looking at  *Fits USGI and most Commercial M1 Carbines, some fitting may be required. The object is to get as much lead into the air in the shortest amount of time. WW II M1 Carbine with a magazine pouch mounted on the stock that held two spare 15-round magazines Some companies used a combination of original USGI and new commercial parts, while others manufactured entire  M1 carbine 15rd magazines that are USGI spec are on sale right now! We guarantee all m1 carbine mags will work or your money back! Order your M1 Carbine  Within M1 Carbine Magazines you can currently find some of the following products: m1 carbine 15rd surplus magazine, original usgi, new in wrap, possible   Results 1 - 48 of 56 M1 Carbine Magazine 10 round Mag Clip USGI WW2 WW2 era USGI M1 Carbine Magazine Belt Pouch - 1945 Redwine & Strain. Senior Member. In M1 Carbine Part 3, we disassembled the Trigger Housing Assembly into its individual components. These are all (with the exception of the two on the far right) 100% original, USGI government-issue magazines. . The M1 Carbine, at least to me, is an excellent light and nimble "spray & pray" arm. Up for sale is an authentic wartime WW2 USGI M1 Carbine 10 Round Magazine w/ Very Rare Marking SQ SP SG where the SQ has 4 lines through it. We previously had to constantly purchase the Korean-made magazines from Centerfire Systems. Apply fake stamp cartouches and you are The Universal Carbine retained the overall outward appearance and ammunition of the U. Product #: 543620B. but have not used them. ) With renewed interest in the USGI Caliber 30 M1 Carbine taking place in 2007, an ancillary interest in SET 10 US GI MAGAZINE RUBBER DUST COVER FOR M1 CARBINE Set of 10 US GI rubber dust covers for the M1 carbine magazine. I would prefer not educating ebay about M1 carbine mags and besides, it would probably be viewed as a "he said, she said" thing. During WWII the 10 prime M1 Carbine manufacturers were also required to furnish 15rd magazines to the government along with their carbines. We buy, sell 5rd Magazines,10rd Magazines,15rd Magazines,20rd Magazines,25rd Magazines,30rd Magazines,35rd Magazines,45rd Magazines,40rd Magazines,48rd Magazines,round Magazines,5rd Magazines,AR-15/M16 Magazine, RUGER 10/22 SR/22 Magazine Military Misc. ) military surplus rifles, handguns and accessories for sale at Fernwood Armory. M1 Carbine 30 round magzines new in wrap. com : US Military Surplus M1 Carbine Double Magazine Pouch Arms Gear Surplus Genuine USGI Military Issue OD Olive Drab Green Rifle Magazine   May 2, 2019 Genuine U. Manufacturer: U. Manufacturers include Inland, Winchester, Underwood, National Postal Meter. The AYP magazines match USGI quality and work perfectly when new. Good condition, New old stock, will have some rust from long term storage. This is the "Set" including the spring. USGI parts and accessories for M1 Garand, M14 (M1A) rifles and M1 Carbines are getting harder and harder to find. We are getting low on these. 00 ( Not Pictured) M1 carbine 30rd Magazine original US GI Used 30. Please keep in mind that there are many different ways to refinish your own USGI magazines, and this guide explains how I chose to refinish mine. Qty: Our 15 round M1 Carbine magazine is constructed with 400 series Stainless  Jun 5, 2018 Korean made M1 Carbine magazines Curios and Relics. 65 Add to cart; M1 Carbine-Extractor Plunger-USGI $ 5. Get 10 GI 30rd mags new in wrap for a bargain price. M1 CARBINE MAGAZINE 10 Round WW2 USGI Original/ VERY RARE Marked SQ SP SG - $41. Any suggestions on the most reliable 10 round magazines to use with the USGI M1 Carbine? I guess if you are trying to legalize a 15 round mag you could be creative and install a "plug" such as used in shotguns to reduce the capacity. Comes with buttplate, screw, recoil plate, and barrel band spring. Home > Rifles > M1 30 Carbine. 30 Carbines for sale at Fernwood Armory. This offering is for 1 of our vintage US Military M1 Carbine Magazines. Two pictured available so select quantity desired when adding to cart. 30 Carbine For Sale at GunAuction 2 M1 Carbine Magazines 10rd 30 Cal PRO MAG New - . Model: M1 CARBINE, M1A1, M2 CARBINE. M1 Carbine Magazine 10 Round WWII Original- 01 B" IBM- Owens Illinois Can Company Here is a very nice magazine. These are marked with an "M", both underlined and not. The early ones that used all USGI parts are usually good, but when those parts started to run out, the quality of these civilian carbines went down hill fast. 30-rd. As a result, Plainfield Machine Company found themselves in possession of M1 Carbine receivers and barrels Colle was unable to pay for. Expect minor / negligible handling scratches. M1 Carbine-Magazine Catch/Safety-Retainer Spring/Plunger Assy-USGI $ 5. Purchased some of them off E-Bay from different sellers. ): Inland Manufacturing's M1 Scout is a just-right option if you are looking for an easy-to-operate, low-recoil defensive carbine. 30 carbine (7. EXTRACTOR PLUNGER WITH SPRING M1 Carbine extractor plunger US GI in new condition. Would you like to be alerted when the item becomes available again? Please enter your email address and quantity below and U. com 10 round). Posts: 103. Condition is Used. (The underlined M catch is the best bet, but either will work better than the standard M1 catch. I also have A second USGI "NOS" Winchester receiver and a New Make Fulton Armory Receiver and all three measure out the Same by my Dial Caliper. Buy a 10 pack today before there gone. They were one of the main firearms used by the United States Military from 1942 to 1973. After a while, I ordered some USGI 15, and a USGI 30. The "bluing" on perfect examples is a deep blackish blue very evenly and attractively done. On the USGI mags, avoid the "new in wrap" mags. This page is intended to be ever changing as you the fellow collectors add or correct information on this page, or I find new information myself M1 Carbine Magazines. One of the sons of William Haas related Millville Ordnance had neglected to inform Plainfield Machine Company of the ongoing criminal case and the possible outcomes. 30 Carbine Caliber Magazine, 30 Rounds available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection Good 10 Round M1 Carbine Mags? This is a discussion on Good 10 Round M1 Carbine Mags? within the Steel and Wood forums, part of the Rifle Forum category; Anyone know of any Good, Reliable, 10 Round m1 carbine mags for those of us stuck behind the lines. (2) WW2 USGI M1 Carbine Magazines 10 Round Marked KSG - Saginaw, General Motors | eBay More information Find this Pin and more on Military things by Compassion Matters 502 . American Rifleman | An M1 Carbine for Home Defense? 1960s production 30 round USGI split back carbine magazine. , 10 Round, Blued Steel, New Reproduction. The most notable of Inland’s firearm production was the . 30 M1 shooters, collectors, and enthusiasts! Springfield Armory M1 Garand, H&R, HRA, Winchester, International Harvester, IHC. com 2 M1 Carbine Magazines 10rd 30 Cal PRO MAG New - . Original bolt-open follower. , m1 carbine 15rd surplus magazine, original usgi, fair to good Find great deals on eBay for usgi m1 carbine magazine. Service and Battle Grade Carbines come with one 15rd genuine WWII magazine ( only where permitted by law ), a quality commercial  Sportsman's Guide has your 20-rd. 30 Carbine magazine AmmoSeek. SCPO. Note: Picture is just representative of condition, magazines are sold individually. Browse all new and used Military Rifles - M1 Carbine for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. We do post collectable specific M1 carbine parts on our collectors only page when we get them, Click here. The first generation Universal M1 Carbine mainly used USGI parts, including a USGI bolt locking mechanism. The 10/22 M1 Carbine Stock Conversion Kit now includes two upper handguards, one with a cutout for the factory rear sight, and one without for those who use a M1 Carbine style rear sight or scope. Carbines! Genuine U. Jump to navigation Jump to search Jump to search Revised and Updated, February, 1998 In response to numerous requests for clarification on the types and makers of M1 Carbine magazines during and after World War II, here is a brief but as yet incomplete listing of maker's stamps (Usually found on the rear of the magazine, roughly one-half inch to one inch up from the floorplate): M1 Carbine For Sale at GunAuction. Do yourself a big favor and find an authentic USGI Milspec sling for your M1 Carbine. Please see pictures and ask any questions you may have before bidding. The two "tits" that are lifted up in the back to lock into the M2 carbine magazine locking piece (can't remember the name) would always shear and stretch. m1 carbine magazines usgi

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